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Ice cream helps everyone smile!

In an ever growing city, everybody wants to still feel like a part of the neighborhood. Rizuto's has always kept the feel of our community small and friendly. When you step into the Parlour, you get a glimpse at days gone by. This was the heart behind Chip Rizuto's lifelong dream to open the shop in 2005.


Any given day or evening, you will find one of his kids at the family business, dishing out the largest homemade scoops you will ever see anywhere. But what dazzles the imaginations of children at heart everywhere are the giant patent soft serve cones.


Lines often go out the door, but well worth the wait as it continues to be a popular family night out destination because it won't break the bank.


The story of Rizuto's will go on for years because ice cream puts a smile on the saddest face. Come down and enjoy a sundae, banana split, a famous monster shake or one of our other famous concoctions and see why 




It's what's on the inside that counts

Even the owner's name, Chip screams ICE CREAM. Whether it be his favorites - Mint Chip & Chocolate Chip, it's no wonder that ice cream is in his blood as he dreams up and concocts new flavors every month!


Rizuto's uses the finest ingredients in their creations. You will often find them creating new combinations that wow their customers and keep them coming back for more! Although many of the secrets cannot be revealed, every menu item they serve from their snow cones to cotton candy

(which is distributed to fairs and amusement centers all over Colorado)

are all made with one ingredient that is completely organic to the Rizuto name -



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